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About Our LGS

Lawrence Global School has established its identity on the globe as a leading world class premier school that preaches, unity In diversity, universal brotherhood, equality, disciple, self confidence, self respect, leadership and quest for knowledge and excellence. The school aims at the all round growth of the students and strives to inculcate in them a positive and healthy, physical, emotional and intellectual attitude. LGS provides holistic education which combines Indian traditions with modernity and technology to prepare global citizens.

Why Choose LGS

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Expert Teachers

Our teachers have become experts at understanding the developmental characteristics and needs of children at the grade level they are teaching

Multimedia Class

Using this very broad definition of multimedia, multimedia in the classroom could include Power Point presentations that are created by the teache.

Music And Art Class

Students who have early musical training will develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning.

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Sports Facilities

Not every successful person owes his success to academics. India has some great athletes who are a role model for millions.

Highly Qualified Teachers

By highly qualified mean having a first degree in the subject being taught, complemented by an advanced degree.

Security Measures

Parents should be 100% satisfied with the security of the school before leaving their kids more 6 hours at school.