Lawrence Global School The Foundation started in 2019 in Vill Adampur Fatehgarh Sahib, is a vibrant learning community committed to nurturing and challenging young minds and bodies in an atmosphere that fosters lifelong commitment to learning. The school embraces a developmental approach that recognizes that children learn at different rates during their school years. At LGS, children are truly appreciated for their individual strengths and contributions.

A hallmark of LGS is the cross-age contact—students in school interact daily with faculty, providing invaluable opportunities for the development of confidence, responsibility, academic skills, life skills, and friendships leading to independence. Because children’s natural abilities, interests, and enthusiasm for learning are nurtured in an inclusive environment in which they can explore, experiment, take risks, and share, we find that learning is enhanced both within the walls of our school as well as in the wider community through outreach efforts and service to those in need.

Our Philosophy

To provide each child with a culturally appropriate environment, values, love and protection needed to grow healthily in body, mind and spirit. Our stimulating environment and a CBSE curriculum nurtures the roots and lay the foundation to help child achieve, success in all phases of life .