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  • Chemistry Lab

    Greenway Modern School has a spacious and very well ventilated Chemistry Lab. It can accommodate 32 students at a time for performing the practicals. The lab has two rooms; One is for performing the experiments and the other one is the weighing room, which is well equipped with analytical balances and electronic balances required for performing experiments and project work. The work space is in the form of slabs with their individual connection of burner, sinks with taps, individual chemical and reagent racks. List of experiments along with working instructions/ precautions are well placed in the lab.

    Lab has fire alarms, fire extinguisher and a good medical aid in case of injuries and accidents. A small library of Chemistry Book is also maintained in the lab.

  • Science Laboratory

    Experiments and practical work are essential for the learning of Science and Technology. Keeping pace with the scientific temper of the contemporary age, the students here are encouraged to experiment in order to satisfy their curiosity and hence learning takes place by doing. Students from class IV onwards are given the first hand experience and are accustomed to well equip science lab with comprehensive range of equipments.

    To make the education project oriented, the Maths lab is designed in such a way that it kindles the interest in the subject among the learners. Also, it helps to improve the overall competence and the academic attainment.