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Our vision at Lawrence Global School is to inspire excellence, cultivate character and empower students with knowledge and serve humanity. With parents as our partners we strive to create life long learners who will be the leaders to tomorrow.


Co operation & Compassion

At the Lawrence Global School, we are collaborators, seeking and valuing different perspectives. We empathies and support those work with us. We build on our collective knowledge and experience making a positive difference in our interconnected world.

Awareness and thought fullness

We are mindful of the well being of the self and others. We are global citizens with ambitions to achieve the global goal, engaging with ideas that have international significance. We are considerate and critical thinkers.

Courage and Honesty

We are brave when confronted with uncertainty. We are trust worthy and truthful. We act with integrity demonstrating a strong sense of fairness and justice. We stand up for what we believe.

Reinventing Education

We believe that change is constant. Things relevant today may not be so in the future. Hence we are committed to constant innovation in our education program to keep pace with changing realities.

Every Stakeholder Counts

We understand that our success depends on the knowledge, creativity & motivation of our stakholder, students, Teachers, Parents/Guardians & the community. Respect, empathy & Transparency in all our interaction with our stakeholders is crucial for us.